Community rules

Contributing new wallpapers

Share your work and upload your favorites files to WallpaperCave!

Please read our upload rules. To keep our content safe, respectful and high quality, we ask you to follow these rules:

  • No nudity or suggestive images.
  • No offensive images.
  • No disrespectful, hurtful, or provoking images.
  • Only high-resolution images. No stretched or rotated images.
  • Respect copyright. Attribute the author wherever possible. Do not remove artist signatures or any watermarks.
  • Please add a descriptive image caption and tag your content accurately.
  • No private or personal photos allowed.
  • No promotional material.

Every uploaded wallpaper will be manually reviewed (usually in less than a day) and your images will not be shown publicly until the review is done.

Please remember that WallpaperCave is a family friendly website and for that reason we don't allow nude images, regardless of artistic merit.

Deleting a wallpaper you uploaded

You can easily delete your uploaded wallpapers by visiting the page of the wallpaper. Above the wallpaper image you will see two links: "Edit Photo" and "Delete". Editing the photo allows you to change the title and tags of the wallpaper and clicking "Delete" will delete the wallpaper from WallpaperCave forever. Be careful as deleting is an action that cannot be undone.


We appreciate respectful, thoughtful comments and the role they have in connecting users and enabling the exchange of ideas. However, the quality of this discourse suffers when comments become divisive. For this reason, we ask that all commenters adhere to the following guidelines and avoid posting:

  • Low-effort comments. Use the stickers under the wallpapers to offer quick input to the author like 'Cool' or 'Thanks'.
  • Off-topic comments.
  • Offensive, disrespectful, hateful comments or those containing profanity, personal attacks, stalking or harrasing of other users.
  • Comments that include personal information such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses.
  • Gibberish.
  • Comments inciting or encouraging violence.
  • Spam or self-promotion. Promoting, selling or advertising with a comment will result in a suspension or ban.
  • Links to video chat or meetings.
  • Duplicate comments.

WallpaperCave reserves the right to remove comments deemed to be in violation and to block or suspend members who repeatedly violate our rules. Thank you for bettering our community with respectful, meaningful dialogue.

Bannned users

If we find that your uploads break our rules more than 3 times, we will ban your account and you won't be allowed to upload images again. If you want to request the removal of a ban, please contact us and we'll study your case.

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