June 9, 2023

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i have that say your my King and i am your Queen but i cant post it to small

Supreme-|-[{FireWolf}]-|-Sniper, 2 years ago


Warrior#9198 (discord), 2 years ago

helloo good morning

Warrior#9198 (discord), 2 years ago

here is my corny christmas jokes for break: Mary had a little lamb, chick-chick BAM, no more lamb! and (Grandma got run over by a Christopher, driving a honda SUV, you could say their's no such thing as psychopaths, *

Warrior#9198 (discord), 2 years ago

* but as for me and my classmates, we belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!

Warrior#9198 (discord), 2 years ago

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