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Hey you still there I miss you.......

♥ takashi toono ♥, 5 months ago

Hey I'm really sorry for everything that I have done to hurt you I always tried my best to make you happy becues you made me the happyest guy ever,I really whant you to come back

♥ takashi toono ♥, 1 month ago

I really miss you I can't go that much time without you anymore,I remember when we would talk on zoom for hourse then you had to go and I remember waiting for you every day

♥ takashi toono ♥, 1 month ago

I miss you a lot pls come back I can't do this anymore I just whant to hear you're sweet that would make me speachless,pleas come back

♥ takashi toono ♥, 1 month ago

If you come back wich I hope you do can you do me a big faver and text me,seeing you're messages would always make me happy and all this time without you has got me fu,ckde up

♥ takashi toono ♥, 1 month ago

Just pleas come back........pleas...............

♥ takashi toono ♥, 1 month ago

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