April 1, 2023

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im like that with maria emma and ally execpt they arent this mean emma wasnt ever mean anyways tho

NightShade, 1 year ago

wow :c

ꨄPotato_mood~ꨄ, 1 year ago

i feel bad

ꨄPotato_mood~ꨄ, 1 year ago

H-hey so you know tiffany right?... How she said she is single like 5 days ago and yeah I saw the text m-messiges... She's lying to you I'm dating her NAD she's dating other people too...

Baby_dolløreõ~online, 1 year ago

why just why is this so related to me

꧁࿇ɛling࿇꧂, 1 year ago

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